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The Morrigan

The Morrigan was a game I helped work on for a collabrative module at Uni. A top down hack n' slash like Hades.

Project Information

The Morrigan is a project made by a large team for a collaborative module in university. In this project I was a second year and so I worked as a Junior Tech in UE4 mostly, though when tensions got high towards the end of the project, I ended up creating most of the UI art and filling in gaps in the design documentation. In the end the project ended up coming 2nd Place in the universities ratings.

This project was a major lesson to me in the importance of good design seniors and management. The Tech team I was in consisted of 3 Juniors including myself and one Senior Tech, but collectively we ended up designing most of the game and levels due to poor management, communication and work from the senior designers. They left most of their Junior designers with no tasks or out of the loop with design changes, resulting in a lot of broken systems or old and now replaced systems being sent to us to implement.

Project Gallery

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