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GRAVE is a FPS Doom like with Metroid Vania elemenets. It will have a simulated open world.

Project Information

During the final 2 years of games design courses at my University, students are able to join a module where they are paired in a large team of artists, designers and techs in order to create an Indie game.

This final year I'm the Lead Senior Designer in my collab group, where we are making this project called GRAVE. It takes inspiration from Doom, Dusk and other fast paced FPS. GRAVE is a great opportunity for me to gain management and team work skill as I have to assign, review and manage tasks for my junior Designers, while communicating between the Art and Tech team on the design of the game.

The project is now finished, our team ended with around 6-8 active members participating out of the original 15. Overall I'm quite happy with the amount my team managed to do within the very short development period of 6 weeks especially with the many team mates that dropped out.

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