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Acquisition is a top down boss rush game made for Tranzfuser 2021, Nominated for multiple awards.

Project Information

This project was made for Tranzfuser 2021 as a small team of 3 developers. All of us were second year University students, so we couldn't win the potential grant for making this but we did get nominated for multiple categories. In the end I received a UKTGF Employment pathway badge for my LinkedIn to show my skill.

I created all of the art, animations and UI assets for this game. Mostly using a program called Aseprite. I also assisted in the implementation of the art, animations and UI into the game along with the game Design.

This project was created in less than 30 days and I had to very quickly teach myself pixel art as I do not often draw in this style. Overall it was a great challenge and very successful considering we beat many good games created by Final year uni students or graduates in larger teams.

Project Gallery

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