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My Games

Below are the games I've made so far, along with some of my current yet unfinished projects that I think have enough in them to showcase and links to my itch and YouTube page.

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The Morrigan

The Morrigan is a Hades clone of Celtic mythology I helped create during a collaborative project at Uni. As I was in second year at the time I was a Junior Tech in the team. I worked on all of the traps, saving systems, serialization, stats and level up systems and some of the UI in the game.



Nominated for awards multiple times in the jam, A top down boss rush game made for Jamfuser 2021 with my team "JawByte". I worked on all the art and animation for this project. I used Aseprite to draw and animate all the assets.


Eh, Gravity

Solo Unity Indie game, Now finished and available to download and play from for free! Features 20 levels with challenging gravity based puzzle mechanics. Hand drawn custom art, all assets including music made by me.


Node Runner

Solo Unreal Engine 4 Game. This was a prototype for learning how to use and make grid base systems in Unreal Engine 4, using Interfaces, events and more. Nothing fancy in game-play, a mix between minesweeper and tip toe 



This was my first ever Unity Project and Solo. This is an older game I made, Not using my own art assets. I would like to remake a better version of it in the future. Its heavily inspired by hotline Miami and has similar game play.

Trailers, videos, showcases

Below are some videos on my youtube channel ranging from trailers to showcases that cover some more of my content.

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